Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) may collect and use personal information from you in the course of operating its business such as providing various information services to you through this website. The Company respects your privacy and takes great care to protect your personal information. We collect your personal information in a legal and fair manner as an extremely important information asset, and we will appropriately use, manage and protect it in accordance with the following.

  • 1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    The Company may collect and use personal information for:

    1. Lend its stadium and/or facilities for baseball games, events, and other entertainment use
    2. Provide medical care
    3. Sell boxed lunches, foods and drinks, tickets and other products
    4. Control entrance and exit, and manage found objects
    5. Customer management of advertising sponsors etc.
    6. Advertise or promote the Company's products or the products of third parties (including delivery of direct mail and transmission of e-mails)
    7. Invoice fees and calculate charges
    8. Carry out identity verification and authentication services
    9. Provide after-sales service and respond to inquiries and complaints
    10. Implement surveys
    11. Carry out contests and campaigns
    12. Carry out marketing data surveys and statistical analyses
    13. Provide payment services and distribution services
    14. Develop new services and functions
    15. Provide system maintenance and handle system malfunctions

    This website uses Google Analytics to analyze how visitors use this website. Google Analytics collects visitor information anonymously and aggregates website trend data without identifying individual site visitors.
    For more information, please refer to “5. Google Analytics” on our Terms of Use.

  • 2. Scope of Purpose of Use of Personal Information

    Personal Information shall be used only within the scope of the purpose previously notified. The Company will not disclose it to any third party without your permission.

  • 3. Personal Information Protection System

    The Company implements strict security measures to prevent the loss, falsification, and leakage of personal information, and processes and retains it in a secure environment where general users cannot access it. The Company ensures the safe management of personal information under the responsibility of its personal information manager.

  • 4. Correction, Change and Deletion of Personal Information

    In the event that there is a request from an individual regarding disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cease of the utilization, erasure, cease of provision to a third party, or notification of the purpose of use of personal information, we will respond to the request in good faith and promptly in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information after verifying that the person who made the request is the specific individual identifiable by personal information.

    If the application of above requests does not satisfy the requirements of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, or if there is any legal ground for refusal of disclosure, etc. pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws and regulations, the Company may be unable to meet and/or complete the above requests.

    Please note that the Company may charge individuals who request notification of the purpose of use of personal information and/or disclosure a fee for notifying and disclosing.

  • 5. Handling of Personal Information by Linked Websites, Etc.

    This website includes links to external websites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to the handling and content of personal information on linked external sites, as the standards set by each external site apply.

    This privacy policy is originally prepared in the Japanese language, which language shall control, and any translation in any other language shall be for reference only and shall not bind you or the Company.